Coordinating 10,000 Truck Loads with Advanced TMS

CloudROI build a custom transportation management system on the Salesforce platform for Advanced Logistics.

Advanced Logistics, a prominent logistics company, approached CloudROI with the challenge of streamlining their transportation operations. They needed a robust solution to manage their complex logistics network, optimize routes, improve visibility, and enhance overall efficiency. CloudROI recognized the need for a tailored transportation management system and embarked on designing and implementing a custom TMS on the Salesforce platform. 

Problem Statement: 

Before engaging CloudROI, Advanced Logistics faced several critical challenges in their transportation operations. These included: 

Lack of Visibility: Advanced Logistics lacked real-time visibility into their transportation network, making it difficult to track shipments, monitor routes, and assess performance metrics accurately. 
Inefficient Routing: The absence of a comprehensive routing system resulted in suboptimal route planning, leading to increased costs, longer transit times, and dissatisfied customers. 
Manual Processes: The reliance on manual processes, including paper-based documentation and spreadsheets, led to errors, delays, and a lack of data integrity. 
Ineffective Communication: Inefficient communication channels hindered collaboration among stakeholders, resulting in delays, miscommunication, and operational inefficiencies. 
Inadequate Analytics: Advanced Logistics lacked in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities, preventing them from gaining valuable insights into their transportation operations and making data-driven decisions. 


CloudROI’s team of experienced Salesforce developers and logistics experts collaborated closely with Advanced Logistics to design and implement a custom transportation management system tailored to their specific needs. The solution involved the following key components: 

Real-Time Visibility: CloudROI leveraged the Salesforce platform’s robust infrastructure to create a comprehensive dashboard that provided real-time visibility into shipment statuses, vehicle locations, and transit times. This allowed Advanced Logistics to track their shipments accurately and proactively address any issues that arose. 
Route Optimization: The custom TMS integrated advanced routing algorithms to optimize route planning based on factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and customer preferences. This resulted in improved operational efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and shorter transit times. 
Automated Processes: CloudROI automated several manual processes by implementing features such as digital documentation, automated data entry, and streamlined workflows. This reduced errors, eliminated redundancies, and improved overall data integrity. 
Collaboration Tools: The TMS incorporated collaboration tools that facilitated seamless communication and collaboration among drivers, dispatchers, and other stakeholders. This led to improved coordination, faster issue resolution, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 
Advanced Analytics: CloudROI integrated powerful analytics capabilities into the TMS, enabling Advanced Logistics to generate comprehensive reports, analyze performance metrics, and gain valuable insights into their transportation operations. This empowered them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their processes continuously. 


The implementation of CloudROI’s custom transportation management system on the Salesforce platform resulted in numerous benefits for Advanced Logistics:

Enhanced Visibility and Control: The real-time visibility provided by the TMS enabled Advanced Logistics to track shipments, monitor vehicle locations, and proactively address any issues. This enhanced control over their transportation network and improved overall customer service.

Improved Efficiency: The optimized route planning and automated processes significantly improved operational efficiency for Advanced Logistics. They experienced reduced fuel costs, shorter transit times, and improved on-time delivery rates, leading to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Communication: The collaboration tools integrated into the TMS facilitated seamless communication among stakeholders, resulting in faster issue resolution, improved coordination, and enhanced customer service.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The advanced analytics capabilities provided valuable insights into Advanced Logistics’ transportation operations. They could identify bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions based on data, leading to improved overall performance and profitability.

Scalability and Flexibility: The TMS built on the Salesforce platform offered scalability and flexibility to accommodate Advanced Logistics’ evolving needs. It allowed for seamless integration with other systems and provided a foundation for future growth and expansion.


CloudROI’s successful implementation of a custom transportation management system on the Salesforce platform for Advanced Logistics addressed their specific challenges and yielded significant benefits. The solution provided enhanced visibility, improved operational efficiency, streamlined communication, enabled data-driven decision-making, and offered scalability for future growth. Through this collaboration, CloudROI demonstrated its expertise in leveraging Salesforce technology to deliver tailored solutions that optimize logistics operations and drive client success. 


Project Info

  • Industry:Transportation and Shipping
  • Services: Implementation,Strategy, Support
  • Key Feature 1: Process Automation
  • Key Feature 2:Real-time reporting
  • Completed Date:05/21/2023