Core Features

Features that CloudROI can utilize to unlock value from CVENT


Event Registration

CVENT provides a comprehensive event registration system that allows organizers to create customized registration pages for attendees to register for events


Event Marketing

CVENT provides powerful event marketing tools that allow organizers to promote events through various channels.


Event Planning

CVENT provides a range of tools to help organizers plan and manage events. These tools include venue sourcing, budget management, and attendee management.


Onsite Check-In

CVENT provides a check-in system that allows organizers to check attendees in quickly and easily. This system includes barcode scanning, RFID tracking, and mobile check-in.



CVENT integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, including CRM systems, marketing automation tools, and payment gateways. This allows organizers to streamline their event management process and improve their overall efficiency.


Attendee Engagement

CVENT provides tools to engage attendees before, during, and after events. These tools include personalized event agendas, social media integration, and post-event surveys.


White Papers


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Working Process

How we can configure and optimize CVENT

1. Discover

At CloudROI we start with the discovery process which involves identifying and analyzing your strategic objectives to determine areas where data analysis can guide decisions, improve efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Plan

In the planning phase CloudROI’s consultants and solution architects select appropriate CVENT features and set implementation timelines and objectives.

3. Execute

In this phase, CloudROI configures mining and reporting tools to enable the construction of strategic decision tools.

4. Deliver

The final delivery is a set of tools that can be used to guide strategic decisions, improve company efficiency and enable employee effectiveness.


Case Studies

Tracking Value from Events

The integration enabled IT1’s sales team to access event-related data...

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