Core Features

Features that CloudROI can configure to drive value from Salesforce


Product Configuration

The Salesforce CPQ platform allows sales reps to configure complex products and services by selecting various options, features, and components in real-time. It ensures that only valid configurations are presented to the customer, reducing errors and ensuring accuracy.


Pricing and Discounting 

The Salesforce CPQ platform provides the ability to set up pricing rules and discount structures based on factors such as product quantity, customer type, and region. It also allows for dynamic pricing, where prices can be adjusted in real time based on customer interactions.


Quote Generation

The Salesforce CPQ platform streamlines the quote generation process by automatically generating accurate quotes based on the configured product and pricing information. Sales reps can easily customize quotes with the ability to add additional products or services, adjust pricing, and apply discounts.


Contract Management

The Salesforce CPQ platform offers contract management functionality, which allows sales reps to track contract details, manage renewals, and automate the contract creation process. It also integrates with e-signature solutions to ensure seamless contract execution.


Analytics and Reporting

The Salesforce CPQ platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features to help sales reps and managers understand the performance of their quotes and deals. It provides insights into key metrics such as win rates, quote-to-close ratios, and deal size, enabling teams to make data-driven decisions.



The Salesforce CPQ platform seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products, including the Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, and Marketing CloudTM solutions, to provide a complete end-to-end solution. It also integrates with third-party applications such as ERP and e-commerce platforms to ensure a seamless experience for customers and sales reps alike.

Salesforce CPQ platform

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Working Process

How we can implement and optimize Salesforce CPQ platforms

1. Discover

At CloudROI, we start with the discovery process, which involves identifying and analyzing the quoting, pricing and proposal workflows to determine areas where automation can improve efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Plan

In the planning phase, CloudROI’s consultants and solution architects select appropriate CPQ automation tools and set implementation timelines and objectives.

3. Execute

In this phase, CloudROI deploys software and processes to streamline and optimize quoting, pricing and proposal activities, including pricing and discounting, quote generation and contract management.

4. Deliver

The final delivery process involves ensuring timely and accurate delivery of services to the end user, while also tracking and updating relevant information in the system.​

Salesforce CPQ platform

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