Core Features

Features that CloudROI can configure to drive value from Google Analytics


Real-time Reporting

This feature enables users to monitor website activity as it happens, allowing them to track the impact of marketing campaigns and quickly identify and respond to changes in user behavior.


Audience Segmentation

This feature enables users to segment website visitors based on different criteria such as location, device type, and behavior, allowing them to understand their audience better and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.


Acquisition Reporting

This feature helps users understand how visitors are finding their website, including which channels are driving the most traffic and which pages are generating the most engagement.


Behavior Analysis

This feature provides insights into how visitors interact with a website, including which pages are most popular, how long visitors spend on each page, and how they navigate through the site.


Conversion Tracking

This feature allows users to track specific actions taken by visitors on their website, such as purchases or form submissions, enabling them to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to improve their conversion rates.


E-commerce Tracking

This feature enables users to track transactions and revenue generated from their e-commerce website, allowing them to understand which products are most popular and which marketing efforts are driving the most sales.

Google Analytics

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Working Process

How we can implement and optimize Google Analytics

1. Discover

At CloudROI, we start with the discovery process, which involves identifying and analyzing your digital sales workflows and sales-related data to determine areas where automation can improve efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Plan

In the planning phase, CloudROI’s consultants and solution architects select appropriate google analytics features and set implementation timelines and objectives.

3. Execute

In this phase, CloudROI deploys software and processes to streamline and optimize sales activities, including lead management, prospect tracking, and sales forecasting.

4. Deliver

The final delivery process involves ensuring timely and accurate delivery of services to the end user, while also tracking and updating relevant information in the system.

Google Analytics

Case Studies

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