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As a Freight Broker, Logistics Service Provider, Carrier, or Shipper, you recognize the distinctive characteristics and processes that set your business apart. CloudROI is dedicated to empowering these distinctive aspects with our specialized sales and marketing automation tools and strategies. Eager to expand your pipeline and increase your deal-closing efficiency? Continue reading to explore how our tailored strategies can enhance and propel your business forward.


Book a Free 100-Point Sales, Marketing, or Operations Inspection and Get Your Optimization Score Today​

Our specialized team of logistics experts will meticulously assess your current strategies, automations and tools with our 100-point inspection,  identifying opportunities where adjustments to your processes and tools can help your business thrive.

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Sales Automation and Tools

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Solutions We Deliver


Increasing Sales

  • Drive Revenue Growth: Unlock new revenue streams and expand your customer base.​
  • Optimize Pricing Strategies: Maximize profitability with dynamic pricing models.​
  • Enhance Customer Engagement: Build lasting customer relationships and loyalty.​
  • Realize Rapid ROI: Experience quick returns on your investment in sales solutions.


Automating Marketing

  • Effortless Outreach: Automate email campaigns and lead nurturing.​
  • Lead Conversion: Turn prospects into loyal customers with personalized marketing.​
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Harness data insights to refine marketing strategies.​
  • Boost Marketing Efficiency: Save time and resources while achieving greater results.


Coordinating Loads

  • Efficient Load Management: Streamline the allocation of resources and loads.​
  • Real-Time Visibility: Track shipments and assets with precision.​
  • Improved Route Planning: Optimize routes to minimize costs and delays.​
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Deliver on-time and exceed customer expectations.


Streamlining Operations

  • Operational Efficiency: Simplify complex processes and workflows.​
  • Resource Optimization: Utilize resources more effectively and reduce waste.​
  • Data-Driven Insights: Make informed decisions with actionable data.​
  • Reduced Costs: Lower operational costs and improve profitability.


Use Generative AI to Build Quotes ​

Unlock the future of transportation and logistics efficiency – book a demo of our cutting-edge quoting solution powered by generative AI and experience the revolution in streamlined quoting and revenue generation.

Automate Operations with Our Application Integration Services​

See how we used cutting-edge technologies Text Locate and Revenova to automate tracking of trucks.


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Case Studies

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