Customizing Golf Courses with the Prestwick Group

With the help of CloudROI, the company has been able to leverage the power of marketing automation to improve its marketing ROI and build stronger customer relationships.

Prestwick Golf Group is a leading supplier of golf course equipment, accessories, and maintenance products. The company is known for its commitment to providing high-quality products and services to golf course owners across the United States. To better serve its B2B customers, Prestwick Golf Group decided to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a powerful marketing automation platform designed to help businesses manage their marketing campaigns and customer interactions. 


Before implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Prestwick Golf Group was struggling to effectively reach its target audience of golf course owners. The company was using outdated marketing techniques, such as print advertisements and direct mail campaigns, which were costly and not producing the desired results. Additionally, the company was unable to track the effectiveness of its marketing efforts or gather valuable customer data to inform future campaigns. 


CloudROI, a leading provider of Salesforce implementation and consulting services, was brought in to help Prestwick Golf Group implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The project began with a comprehensive needs assessment to determine the company’s specific marketing goals and objectives. Based on this assessment, CloudROI developed a customized marketing automation strategy that would enable Prestwick Golf Group to deliver personalized, targeted marketing messages to its B2B customers. 

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation included the following key components:

1. Email Marketing: The company could send targeted email campaigns to specific customer segments based on their interests and preferences.

2. Social Media Marketing: The company could engage with its customers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and promote its products and services.

3. Automated Marketing: The company could automate its marketing campaigns, including drip campaigns and triggered emails, to ensure timely and relevant messaging to its customers.

4. Lead Management: The company could manage its sales leads more effectively by tracking lead activity, analyzing lead behavior, and identifying the most promising prospects.


The implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud has had a significant impact on Prestwick Golf Group’s marketing efforts. The company has seen the following benefits: 

1. Increased ROI: The company’s marketing campaigns are more targeted and personalized, resulting in higher engagement rates and increased revenue.

2. Improved Customer Engagement: The company is now able to interact with its customers more effectively, building stronger relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

3. Better Data Analysis: The company has access to valuable customer data, enabling it to analyze customer behavior and tailor its marketing efforts accordingly.

4. Improved Lead Management: The company is now able to identify the most promising leads and prioritize its sales efforts accordingly.

Overall, the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud has transformed Prestwick Golf Group’s marketing efforts and helped the company better serve its B2B customers. With the help of CloudROI, the company has been able to leverage the power of marketing automation to improve its marketing ROI and build stronger customer relationships. 

Project Info

  • Industry:Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Services:Implementation, Support, Strategy
  • Key Feature 1:Automated Marketing
  • Key Feature 2:Lead Management
  • Completed Date:07/10/2021