GoodTimes USA – A Salesforce Org Revival Story


GoodTimes USA, a Florida-based cigar manufacturer, was on the brink of cutting ties with Salesforce just two years into its adoption. This case study unfolds their remarkable turnaround, catalyzed by the strategic intervention of CloudROI. As a result of CloudROIs partnership with GoodTimes USA, they are now eight years into their Salesforce journey and are evaluating the platform for use as an ERP system.

Background and Initial State:  

GoodTimes USA’s foray into Salesforce began with the promise of a system that would streamline sales processes, enhance customer relationships, and drive market expansion. two years into its adoption, the reality was starkly different. The Salesforce system, which was once a beacon of efficiency, had degenerated into a source of frustration for the users.

The platform was riddled with issues – clunky customizations, modules that refused to communicate with each other, and a user interface that was anything but intuitive. It was a system that was not functioning correctly, much less optimally. Staff engagement with the platform had plummeted to an all-time low, with many choosing to revert to old methods rather than wrestle with the CRM.

To add to the turmoil, the consultancy firm recommended by Salesforce and initially hired to streamline the implementation had exited. Their departure left a trail of unanswered requests and unresolved system malfunctions. GoodTimes USA’s Salesforce org was not just on life support; it was two weeks away from a shutdown and contract cancellation when they engaged with CloudROI.

Decision Factors

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was the lack of support from their Salesforce partner. A partner who had been expected to guide, support, and adapt the CRM to the cigar giant’s evolving business model. Instead, GoodTimes USA found themselves with a system that was a misfit for their operations and a partner who was no longer responsive.

    User feedback ranged from mild annoyance to outright frustration. The system, they reported, was rigid and non-intuitive, demanding of users a level of technical acumen that was unreasonable for sales personnel. The CRM’s inability to align with GoodTimes USA’s dynamic sales and distribution model was a glaring oversight that could no longer be overlooked.

    The Scope of Work

    When CloudROI was brought on board, the mission was clear: to resuscitate the ailing Salesforce system and align it with the beating heart of GoodTimes USA’s business processes. The scope of work was extensive, focusing on critical system functionality, user experience, and long-term sustainability. CloudROI was not just tasked with fixing what was broken but also reimagining the system to support ongoing growth and empower the GoodTimes USA team to maintain and enhance the platform over time.

    Specific objectives included:

    • Conducting a root-and-branch audit of the existing Salesforce setup.
    • Reconfiguring the system to align seamlessly with key business processes.
    • Developing custom solutions to fill in gaps left by the previous partner.
    • Training GoodTimes USA’s staff, especially their admin team, to become self-sufficient in system management.


    Strategic Process:

    CloudROI’s rescue mission was executed through a ten-step revival strategy, each phase meticulously designed to not only address the existing challenges but to lay a robust foundation for GoodTimes USA’s future growth with Salesforce.

    • Initial Assessment and Discovery: CloudROI began with a deep dive into the current state, identifying pain points and areas for improvement within GoodTimes USA’s Salesforce org.
    • Gap Analysis: We evaluated the discrepancies between the existing system functionalities and the company’s operational needs, identifying areas where the system was falling short.
    • Strategic Planning: A comprehensive plan was developed, detailing the interventions required to remedy identified issues and improve overall system performance.
    • Stakeholder Engagement and Buy-In: GoodTimes USA’s stakeholders were closely involved, ensuring their needs and concerns directly influenced the rejuvenation strategy.
    • Implementation of Quick Wins: CloudROI targeted immediate, high-impact issues for quick resolution to build confidence and demonstrate early success.
    • System Reconfiguration and Customization: We undertook a systematic overhaul of the Salesforce org, tailoring it to align with GoodTimes USA’s specific business processes.
    • Data Cleanup and Migration: A major clean-up operation was launched to ensure data integrity and accuracy across the Salesforce platform.
    • Integration and Automation: We worked to enhance the efficiency and data flow between Salesforce and other business systems through strategic integrations and process automation.
    • Training and Change Management: Comprehensive training programs were implemented to facilitate user adoption and ensure the staff was well-equipped to use the enhanced system.
    • Continuous Improvement and Support: The revival strategy was designed for longevity, with ongoing monitoring and support to maintain system health and adapt to evolving business needs.

    Through this ten-step process, CloudROI not only addressed the immediate crises but also ensured that the revived Salesforce org would serve as a dynamic, scalable tool tailored to the intricate workings of GoodTimes USA.

    Solution Implementation:

    With a strategic plan in hand, CloudROI embarked on the meticulous task of transforming GoodTimes USA’s Salesforce org. The implementation focused on creating a system that was not only functional but also intuitive and scalable, capable of supporting GoodTimes USA’s ambitious growth plans.

    • Automated Inventory Tracking System: To streamline operations, an automated system was developed, significantly reducing manual workload and minimizing errors.
    • Wholesale Order Management System: This custom solution revolutionized GoodTimes USA’s sales process, enabling efficient management of bulk orders and customer relationships.
    • Marketing Partner Tracking Application: A tailored application was created to enhance collaboration with marketing partners, providing visibility and control over joint marketing efforts.

    Each solution was integrated into the Salesforce platform, ensuring a seamless user experience and immediate access to critical business data.

    Quantifiable Benefits:

    The revival of GoodTimes USA’s Salesforce org by CloudROI yielded impressive results:

    • Operational Efficiency: The introduction of automated systems led to a notable reduction in manual errors and operational costs, contributing to a leaner, more efficient operation.
    • Sales Growth: GoodTimes USA continued to achieve a remarkable 15% annual growth rate, a testament to the revitalized Salesforce system’s effectiveness in supporting aggressive sales strategies.
    • Market Expansion: The enhanced Salesforce org enabled GoodTimes USA to expand into new retail markets, broadening their customer base and increasing market share.
    • User Adoption: With the system’s transformation, user adoption soared. The staff found the revamped Salesforce org intuitive and aligned with their workflows, leading to increased productivity and engagement.

    The cumulative effect of these benefits was not just a rescued Salesforce org but a revitalized business tool that propelled GoodTimes USA to new heights of operational efficiency and market success.

    Future Outlook:

    The journey of GoodTimes USA with Salesforce, revitalized by CloudROI, is far from over. With a robust and scalable Salesforce org now at its core, GoodTimes USA is poised for growth and innovation. The company is currently evaluating the potential of Salesforce to replace their existing ERP system, a move that signifies the depth of their transformation and trust in the platform. This strategic consideration reflects not just a technical shift but a cultural one, embracing Salesforce as the central nervous system of their business operations.

    GoodTimes USA’s vision for the future is clear: to leverage Salesforce not just as a CRM but as a comprehensive business management solution. This shift promises to unify their operations, enhance data-driven decision-making, and open new avenues for customer engagement and market expansion.

    Preparing for the Transition

    CloudROI stands ready to support GoodTimes USA in this ambitious transition. Our partnership is evolving to focus on strategic planning, system integration, and custom development, ensuring that Salesforce can effectively meet the demands of an ERP system. The roadmap ahead includes detailed analysis, prototype development, and phased implementation, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.



    The story of GoodTimes USA and CloudROI is a testament to the transformative power of strategic intervention in Salesforce orgs. It highlights the importance of not just addressing immediate issues but reimagining how the Salesforce platform can drive business success. GoodTimes USA’s continued expansion and adoption of Salesforce reflect the company’s resilience and CloudROI’s commitment to excellence.

    As GoodTimes USA looks to the future, their Salesforce journey embodies a forward-thinking approach to business management, underpinned by a powerful partnership and a shared vision for innovation and growth.



    Project Info

    • Industry: Manufacturing
    • Services:Managed Services
    • Key Feature 1: Salesforce Cloud
    • Key Feature 2: Manufacturing
    • Completed Date:02/29/2024