Seeking Solar Customers with HubSpot

The implementation of HubSpot by CloudROI improved the solar panel manufacturer’s lead generation and prospect tracking process.

CloudROI is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in implementing HubSpot for businesses across various industries. Recently, CloudROI worked with a solar panel manufacturer to implement HubSpot to improve lead generation and prospect tracking. In this case study, we will explore the challenges faced during the implementation, the solution offered by CloudROI, and the benefits achieved by the solar panel manufacturer. 


The solar panel manufacturer had a website that was not optimized for lead generation, which made it difficult to track and convert prospects. They also had a manual process for tracking leads, which was time-consuming and inefficient. Furthermore, they were struggling to identify and target the right audience, resulting in low-quality leads. 


To address the challenges faced by the solar panel manufacturer, CloudROI implemented HubSpot, a marketing automation software. The following solutions were offered:

1. Website Optimization: CloudROI optimized the manufacturer’s website by creating high-quality landing pages and call-to-action buttons to improve lead generation.

2. Lead Management: CloudROI implemented a lead management system that automated the lead nurturing process, allowing the manufacturer to focus on high-quality leads.

3. Segmentation: CloudROI helped the manufacturer identify their target audience and created segmented lists to send personalized and relevant content to each group.

4. Sales Tracking: CloudROI implemented a sales tracking system that allowed the manufacturer to track leads throughout the sales funnel and provided insights into how to improve their sales process.

The implementation of HubSpot resulted in the following benefits for the solar panel manufacturer:

1. Improved Lead Generation: The website optimization and lead nurturing process resulted in an increase in the number of high-quality leads.

2. Increased Efficiency: The manual lead tracking process was replaced with an automated system, reducing the time and effort required to manage leads.

3. Personalized Communication: The segmentation of the audience allowed the manufacturer to send personalized and relevant content to each group, resulting in better engagement and conversions.

4. Better Sales Insights: The sales tracking system provided insights into the sales process, allowing the manufacturer to identify areas of improvement and optimize their sales funnel.


The implementation of HubSpot by CloudROI improved the solar panel manufacturer’s lead generation and prospect tracking process. The optimized website, lead management system, segmentation, and sales tracking system resulted in increased efficiency, better communication, and insights into the sales process. As a result, the solar panel manufacturer was able to generate high-quality leads and improve their sales process. 

Project Info

  • Industry:Construction
  • Services:Strategy, Implementation, Support
  • Key Feature 1:Prospect Tracking
  • Key Feature 2:Lead Generation
  • Completed Date:04/14/2020